“A reliable, multifaceted organization that consistently delivers quality and value for money to both the Italian and International markets”

The Gitto Group is a reliable, multifaceted organization that consistently delivers quality and value for money to both the Italian and International markets for even the most complex assignments. Thanks to a business plan founded on consistency and adaptation, the synergy between traditional experience and technical innovation has permitted the Group to grow steadily over time and to perform successfully. Each project is a demonstration of the professionalism that is synonymous with the Company name and ensures it can continue to look towards the future with optimism. Today the Group covers every aspect of engineering from civil, hydraulics, transport, electrical, environmental, regional land development to infrastructures, including roads and motorways, airports, bridges, viaducts and tunnels, civil and industrial building complexes.

Roads and transport

One of the Group’s principal areas of operation is the transportation sector which also accounts for the majority of its turnover. The most important contracts carried out in this field are the primary road networks in West Africa, the major motorway networks in Italy and the Messina-Palermo motorway in Sicily. The planning and building of large infrastructure projects in particular within the Nigerian road sector, places the Group and its achievements amongst the industry’s leading companies. Air and sea transport have also developed considerably in recent years and the Group can be proud of its substantial contribution with its iconic works for the new International Airport in Akwa Ibom State and equally important Itigidi bridge and road project. Both realized to promote and accommodate the movement of commercial goods and facilitate inter-community connections to and from their respective areas.

Civil and industrial engineering

Civil and industrial construction has also played a large part in the more recent operations of the Gitto Group. It is important to highlight the Group’s continued interest in property and urban developments in which its own technical staff work hand-in-hand with the client’s engineers. The construction and restoration of the Ecumenical Church in the Federal Capital of Abuja is a site of particular social and spiritual, as well as technical, significance; the work consisted in the use of extremely advanced technical procedures and skills. Other important projects include the realization of Uyo’s 20th Anniversary Hospital and the new branch of the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Tower Hotel & Conference Centre in the States of Akwa Ibom and Bayelsa respectively.