50 YEARS of enterprise towards the future.


The origins of the Gitto Group date back to 1957 when, as a small private Enterprise founded by Carmelo Gitto, a new wave of opportunity brought investment and expansion to the construction industry. Throughout 1960 to 1980 the Company completed several important projects of architectonic prestige and earned recognition and a place amongst the most reputable companies in Italy.

From 1990 to date, through the guidance of the Gitto Brothers, Salvatore and Domenico, the Group has handled large infrastructure development projects in both Italy and abroad. One of the most important was the realization of the Messina-Palermo Highway in Sicily; an impressive stretch of motorway with viaducts and state-of-the-art tunnels.

It was while the projects in Italy were on-going that Engr. Domenico Gitto, a natural leader and charismatic businessman, started turning his attention to new opportunities abroad. The first large contract came quickly with Israel and Jordan and in 2002 following that initial breakthrough, the Company was awarded a succession of important contracts in West Africa and in particular Nigeria.  With the business in expansion the Company was earmarked to quickly become an important international Group and today it is proudly one of the cornerstone companies contributing to the advancement of Nigeria’s infrastructure and development.

Special appreciation must be given to Domenico Gitto for the legacy that he left behind following his tragic and premature death in 2012. He was only 52 years old. A man of principle with great vision and courage, he will always be proudly remembered as having led the Gitto Group into this era and to making it into one of Nigeria’s most important Contractors.

The Gitto Group is now led by Salvatore Gitto.

For 50 years the Gitto Group has played a major role in the construction industry in Italy and over the last 20 years also internationally. The diverse and broad range of executed works and the Group’s technical and administrative skills consolidated over the years in every area of civil engineering assure that each project is carried out successfully from the planning stage to final implementation. With an extensive pool of experience and professionalism the Group and its partners and subsidiaries confidently satisfy the highest standards and meet the most stringent demands of today’s complex and competitive markets.